Affiliation Agreement

The Hamilton Residents and Ratepayers Association INC endorses the following nominee as an elected member for the Hamilton City Council Local Government Election on to 20 October 2019.


This agreement excludes any funding and its purpose is to provide intellectual support to the nominee should they be successful in their bid as an elected member of the Hamilton City Council.

The Hamilton Residents and Ratepayers Association (HRRA) does not subscribe to any single political doctrine and its primary purpose is to educate the Hamilton community on the affairs of the Hamilton City Council and inform Elected Members about the mind of the community.

Our Manifesto (attached) describes the key focus areas of Democracy, Transparency, Accountability and Integrity. The candidates we endorse have been formally interviewed successfully against these principals.

This candidate, who has signed up to this agreement is encouraged to join the Association (2019 fee $10) to facilitate information sharing, including contestable dialogue and access to subject matter experts.

By signing up to this agreement this candidate gains access to the BRAND ‘Team Integrity’ and confirms that they acknowledge and will consider council proposals using the principals of the Manifesto. The candidate acknowledges that failure to adopt the values of Democracy, Transparency, Accountability and Integrity will rescind this agreement.

Each candidate is individual in their decision and it is hoped that those associated with Team Integrity will debate amongst themselves and the community to determine the best outcome for Hamilton.

The candidate and HRRA agree to work together.


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