Hamilton City Council Rates & Debt

25 September 2019

Despite reassuring noises from Council, the current trend indicates Hamilton ratepayers should prepare for ongoing hefty rate increases. Indeed, significantly higher rates are unavoidable unless Council reverses its current spending trajectory.

17 September 2019

Yesterday’s (17 Sep 2019) Hamilton City Council meeting was a bad one for Hamilton’s ratepayers.

Nov 4 2018

Homebuyers are turning their backs on Hamilton in pursuit of cheaper builds in surrounding districts.

Oct 17 2018

The city's newly adopted 10-year-plan may have triggered an "apparent inequality" for landlords of high density apartments.

Jul 7 2018

Opinion: Who voted for Richard Briggs' $440k annual salary? I've yet to meet a six-figure manager who's worth the pay.

May 25 2018

Hamilton council CEO pulls finance chair's monthly report

May 18 2018

Flat $500 charge in Hamilton rate proposal irks landlords

May 8 2018

If increased charges are in, we're out: Hamilton developer

May 4 2018

Hamilton City Council is being urged to set up an independent panel to unpick the work of its chief executive.

Dec 1 2017

Mayor Andrew King has held firm with his rate rise by proposing a 15.5 per cent rise in his 10 year plan.

Oct 5 2016

Doubts cast over Hamilton City Council's financial performance


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