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Educating Hamilton Community in Local Council

We are a group of volunteers advocating Integrity, Transparency, Accountability, Democracy and Expertise in Local Council and educating the Hamilton community about Council proposals. 

Whether you own your own home, or are paying rent, you are paying for the decisions of your elected officials. We are concerned by the persistent and high rates increases, wasteful spending, and the dramatic increases in debt levels in our city.


The Hamilton Residents and Ratepayers Association (HRRA) was formed to represent all individuals and companies who either directly or indirectly pay rates or development contributions to the Hamilton City Council.


This website outlines the insights we’ve gained on how the Hamilton City Council is functioning. We have structured it by items of interest so that it is easy for you to follow events and activities which we are concerned about. We have used the Hamilton City Council’s Key Visions from their 1995-2016 Strategic Plan as a means to measure their overarching performance as we find the 19 individual plans do not address the overall strategy.

Council Plans & Standing Orders

A significant number of plans and agreements have been published by HCC. There does not appear to be an overarching plan that the individual plans relate to. Many documents are complex, consist of too many pages and no doubt not read by the community, who are being asked to provide their expertise in helping decide Hamilton's future.



However, we are sufficiently concerned following widespread public concerns about council governance and management on significant issues including housing affordability and climate change, along with continuing misgivings on financial affairs, that we believe an Independent Commissioner should be appointed to review and manage HCC Affairs.

We believe that the Council is not functioning to support the Community in the way that it should. 

We have evidence of lack of adequate discussion with Community Groups before planning starts; Their projects lack community involvement and invariably are overtime and over budget; 

There is a lack of Community trust and confidence that Council is concerned about the well-being of all Hamilton citizens when deciding rate affordability and Debt.


How well is Hamilton city governed and accountability transparent between the Community, Elected Members and the Chief Executive?

Is Housing Affordability a focus for the Council and is it genuine in its practise to drive down the cost of the family home?

Is there an integrated Transport Plan that provides safe corridors for all forms of transport?

Has Council implemented an infrastructure architecture that implements new technology to address the impact of climate change?

Is Cost Benefit and Risks to the Community openly discussed and Projects managed to budget?


A number of Council driven Projects lack basic communication with the Community and Land Owners. This section shares some of the stories discussed with the community that the Hamilton Residents and Ratepayers consider require improvement to a level of Best Practice.


A number of high profile projects initiated by Councils are in trouble with the community. These stories are shared to illustrate the widespread nature of ratepayer dissatisfaction.


If after reading this site, you share our concerns, or have alternate concerns that you wish to share with us, please help join our Association and help make a positive difference.

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