Following on from issues relating to climate change and infrastructure provision, there is concern at the time-frame and quality of transport planning and costs. 

Claudelands Integrated Bike/Car Solution

Oct 9 2019

Claudelands Bridge slower and safer, but follow the rules

Hamilton Airport

October 21 2019

'Hamilton is not a destination' says aviation critic to prospect of international flights

Hamilton Auckland Train

Sep 17 2019

Chronology of Hamilton - Auckland Passenger Train service supplied by Hamilton Resident.

Sep 27 2019

Seeks approval to award contract 18508 for Rotokauri Transport Hub for up to $20 million. (See page 25 onwards)

Sep 20 2019

Waikato Regional Council Agenda for 26 September, read from page 290 

Sep 17 2019

Hamilton fund $25k for business case to add more stops to Auckland rail connection.

So Hamilton is now funding Auckland transport. Interesting the cost is the equivelant to a pensioner annual income.

Sep 4 2019

Startup costs of Hamilton to Auckland passenger rail service jumps $13m

Sep 1 2019

Are there really people living in Hamilton working in Central Auckland waiting to use the train to get to work?

I travelled to Auckland last Friday leaving Hamilton at 6.30am  and was in my client’s office near Victoria Park overlooking Auckland harbour by 9am. It cost me $16. How?

The Skip bus service. It has to go on to Whangarei to get enough passengers to use it. 16 passengers left Hamilton, two alighted at Manukau and at least six were destined to Whangarei. No one looked like they were working in Auckland. From the hype, I had expected hordes of people and a crowded bus.

It was quick, comfortable and efficient.

Comment from Ratepayer

Aug 2019

Establishing a passenger rail service between Hamilton and Auckland is a transformational project for the Waikato region.

Aug 27 2019

Hamilton City Council: Construction to start on Rotokauri Transport Hub

Aug 25 2019

Waikato Regional Councillor declares "no business case at all". Decisions made on emotion.

Aug 23 2019

Government funding for Hamilton to Auckland rail service confirmed

May 20 2019

Hamilton to Auckland train service to give commuters a choice, says Transport Minister Phil Twyford


Introduction to Regional Rapid Rail


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