Apr 8 2019

$200,000 kicker to update the city's 20 year vision for the central city

Mar 3 2019

councillors voted against funding a master plan for a central city park

Oct 17 2018

Staring down the wrecking Ball

Oct 4 2018

Hamilton Mayor Andrew King said the buy-up is a crucial step in connecting Victoria Street to the Waikato River while opponents say the move could financially hamstring the city.

Oct 3 2018

Hamilton City Council pays $6.49m for buildings, up to 56 per cent more than market valuation

Jul 28 2018

Discussions with developers over Hamilton's central city park were above board, an Audit NZ report has found. However, there's room for improvement

Jul 24 2018

Council made numerous changes to independent central city park audit

May 25 2018

Developers tried to convince council over changing city park plans

Mar 27 2018

Council told CEO to talk to vendors in river block on willingness to sell

Mar 26 2018

Council wants first option to buy river buildings: Hamilton mayor tells property owners

Mar 20 2018

Hamilton mayor says developers won't take advantage of council - 'They're not the profiteering type'

Mar 19 2018

Property developers set up company to buy buildings after told council interested in them

Dec 2 2017

Mayor Andrew King proposed putting tens of millions into the project in his budget for the next 10 years - which also includes a 15.5 per cent rate rise.

Nov 21 2017

Plans to bowl Hamilton's Victoria St buildings for giant park

Sep 20 2017

Hamilton Mayor Andrew King will on Thursday brief council in a public-excluded chair's report of his plans around the precinct.


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