Hamilton City Council’s, Waikato Region Triennial Agreement – 2007/2010

Why has this document ceased being updated. Do we no longer want to co-operate with other Local Governments in the Region?

Hamilton City Council’s 19 Key Strategic Plans here.

WOW....19 Strategies with lots of detail. Documents that look more like Tactics and No overarching document (Strategy) that ties everything together so that everyone on HCC is singing on the same songsheet.

Hamilton City Council and Committees

This link is provided so that Hamilton citizens know which Elected Members are responsible for the big spends of your money.

Hamilton City Council Standing Orders 14 March 2019

Seventy-seven (77) pages that details how decisions and responsibilities are carried out by Hamilton City Council. Is it any wonder that Democracy is failing and the ability for the Community VOICE to be heard almost non-existent?


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