Consultation is the main driver for successful democracy outcomes, yet Local Government Officials hide behind closed doors and more recently behind ZOOM.

The community are allocated 2 to 4 minutes to SUBMIT a presentation on complex projects. History tells us that Elected Members totally ignore the opinion of the majority and instead approve their pet projects when the community says NO.

Other options such as Written Surveys, Telephone Surveys, Face to Face interviews, Public meeting with open dialogue, Focus Groups, Task Forces have not been used for many years. 

Instead, we observe online surveys with questions designed to manipulate the reader to select a pre-determined choice and discussions with 'stakeholders' who have a vested interest without any contestability to council decision makers, with conversations protected by 'so-called commercial sensitivity'. The real stakeholder (FUNDER) is ignored.


Effective Leaders need to know the heart and mind of the community.To achieve this, regular, scheduled gatherings should be held in locations convenient for the community.


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