Peacockes Subdivision

This development affects every Resident and Ratepayer in Hamilton.

It is one of the most significant rate and debt drivers in the current 2018 10 year plan.

Your Rates are planned to increase from an average of $2,700 to $5,000 (including Waikato Region rates) and debt rising to $800,000,000 ($800 million). The generous Government loans have to be repaid.

The questions we need to consider are:

1. Why have the DEVELOPERS not been contracted to complete 872 houses by 2023 and 9,414 houses by 2048?

2. What guarantees has the council and government put in place to ensure ‘AFFORDABLE HOUSING’ is developed in Peacockes?

3. What are the DEVELOPERS’ financial and any other penalties if they fail to deliver the quantity and quality of Houses ‘promised’?

4. What will be the TOTAL ANNUAL COSTS to city Ratepayers for this project?

- If development progresses as envisaged

- If development fails to meet the current targets

5. What will be the total annual amount of DEVELOPMENT CONTRIBUTIONS from this project?

- If development progresses as envisaged

- If development fails to meet the current targets.

6. Why has STATE HIGHWAY 3 not been accorded priority as the transport corridor (with well-engineered interchange(s) rather than the new HIGHWAY (& Bridge) and has an updated COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS been done of the two options, taking into account the new Zero Carbon Act?

7. Why has a PARK and RIDE facility not been accorded priority to reduce vehicle flow in and out of south Hamilton (potential 27,000 vehicles) and similar to the new Te Rapa facility?

8. Why has new (and proven) THREE WATERS technology NOT been accorded priority rather that sending all output to Pukete?

9. What are Council doing about the Rahui placed on sections of the land?


- NO Bridges

- NO Southerlinks ByPass

- NO connection to Cobham Bridge


WE WANT A FULL REVIEW OF THIS PROJECT with comprehensive community engagement, including transparency of costs.


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