The BIG Question?

If someone puts their hand in your pocket, or asks for money and you say NO, but they take it anyhow -


Some Hamilton Council Elected Members have ignored multiple submissions and voted to spend your money on projects when the majority have said NO.

Council staff have spent YOUR money on projects without approval from the Elected Members, or having given YOU the courtesy of deciding whether they bring benefit to the community.

Is this any different to your BIG QUESTION answer?

We hear justifications such as:

1. Who cares, it is less than 2% of the total budget.

2. Delegation allow this decision. (Even though, the community was not asked about financial delegation levels).

3. It does not matter as the project is being funded from Contingencies. There are NO contingencies when you are in DEBT!

4. It is in the 10 year plan (where is the detail?)

5. It does not matter because future generations will pay for it. BUT existing generations are PAYING without any benefit!

We have elected members who have voted for Hamilton City debt to rise to almost $800 million, and for average rates to rise to over $4,200. You as a ratepayer are meant to be able to influence council decisions and how your money is spent. Yet it seems that between elections you have little influence on how your money is spent. This makes your vote crucial. .

VOTE for Mayor and Elected Members who agree to:

Rates Affordability

Housing Affordability

Transparency, Accountability and Democracy in Decision Making

Restoring the Westminster principals of GOVERNANCE


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