Can we AFFORD Hamilton City Council

One of the challenges noted in the HCC pre-election report booklet is that of Growth. The Hamilton City Council 2018 10 Year Plan details the infrastructure and services forecast by council staff and must consider the following growth factor:

Hamilton Population (11% increase)169,300187,600

source https://www.yourcityelections.co.nz/assets/Shape-Your-City-Hamilton-City-Council-Pre-election-Report.pdf

This represents just a 1.1% per year population increase.

At the same time there is Massive Growth.

Hardship Grant (53% increase)$250,000$384,000
Debt (97% increase)$394 million$775 million
AVG Rate (54% increase) $2,782$4,270

We ask as Ratepayers how are our representatives going to meet this massive growth challenge. Is a 97% increase in city debt for an 11% increase in population justifiable? The HCC CEO has stated that the current ongoing rate rises that are well above inflation are not sustainable, but what does the ten year plan do to address this? The above figures suggest we are not addressing the well-being of our community.

Average rates in 2008 were just $1,849. In 2018 they rose to $2,782. The 10-year plan forecasts average rates rising to $4,270. Worse still, this comes with a debt to each ratepayer that is equivalent to a $12,000 mortgage, secured by your home. This is unsustainable and triggers the following questions:

How can we get our rapid RISING council spending under control? 

Do we need more comprehensive costs benefit analysis and better oversight for all major council spending?

How can we address housing development affordability with an attitude ‘What can I do to reduce cost to the purchaser’?

Those proposing to become an Elected Member, or Mayor of Hamilton, need answers to these very difficult questions before you submit your candidacy and you need written commitment from the Chief Executive to implement those ideas.

The Residents and Ratepayers support those candidates who openly demonstrate Democracy, Integrity, Transparency and Accountability


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