DEBT:The Case of the Green Dash

In May this year the Local Government Funding Authority (as advised by Fitch Credit Agency) placed the Hamilton City Council on a CREDIT WATCH

The Hamilton City Council Chief Executive in the 2019 pre-election report challenges voters – and candidates – to get the facts and for all of us to deal with some serious issues and make some big decisions.

As ratepayers we applaud this and throw the same challenge back to Council.

As stated in the CEO’s report the continuation of rate rises in their current form are unsustainable. The aspiration of well-being becomes lip service with the reality of depravation for more among us. This is totally unacceptable.

While all this is going on the GREEN DASHES appeared on the street.


A number of scenarios crossed our minds as to the strategic importance of this new visual display. These were:

The overall message seen from space is a welcome sign for out in space visitors.

Maybe the green structure has some qualities that offset the emissions made by the use of asphalt and earning us carbon credits.

Maybe it is a no-go area for cars and those that trespass will see their wing mirrors disappear, followed by the rest of the vehicle for those who blatantly ignore the consequence.

Maybe cyclists will be transported to a safe zone should they attempt to intrude on the well-established vehicle access.

Where was the consultation, and:

Evidence that lives are being saved?

Overall saving to the community, or

Ongoing additional cost declared to those paying rates?

What are the alternatives?

What is the consequence of doing nothing?

What is the cost of the initial project?

How was this approved and by whom?

And then the salvation solution by two existing councillors – only spend $1milliom to enable 600 (???) cyclists to travel safely along Claudelands Road bridge into the city.

Where was the consultation with the community?

Is this using ratepayer money to enhance their personal election chances?

600 bikes? Who counted them, where are the bike racks that enable us to count this number?

What happens to the cyclist when they enter Victoria street and the safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians?

Where is the business cycling plan that enables cyclists to travel safely from all part of Hamilton to the CBD?

People have been killed by a car rolling down a driveway. Have you been hit by a car doing 30kph, or more importantly will your vehicle go this slow on this particular piece of road?

Where is the cost benefit for this $1million and other options for discussion?

Fanciful ideas, such as those above are unacceptable and those responsible need to be called to account.

The Ratepayers challenge the Elected Members who voted for the green dashes and $1million unjustified spend to put their hand up publicly, or

If this spend was not approved by the elected members, then the CEO has a ‘Think SMART’ problem that needs addressing.

WE need ACCOUNTABILITY and CONSEQUENCE from both Elected Members and Staff.


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