Hamilton City Council Governance

When the Government Minister responsible for Health has Governance issues with the Waikato DHB they call for the resignation of all Elected Members and appoint a Commissioner.

If Ratepayers have issues with Governance we express our opinion through a vote for Mayor and Councillors every 3 years.

On the 12 October 2019 we all need to VOTE.

In June 2019, Victoria University Institute for Governance and Policy Studies issued a report that states “Our current framework of long-term governance and stewardship is unsatisfactory”

A simple test to determine whether Governance is working between Ratepayers and Hamilton City Hall is:

Is there a publicly published formal charter that details the roles and responsibilities of Elected Members, including formal delegations and Key Performance Indicators agreed by the Council CEO?

Is there a regular publicly transparent rigorous formal process to evaluate the performance of Elected Members and the Council CEO?

Do Elected Members actively dialogue with Ratepayers and Developers to seek proposal feedback and have they listened to US when making decisions?

Are Elected Members managing the DEBT risks exposed to Ratepayers?

Are the Ratepayer funded assets, in the care of the Council being maintained to a good standard?

Do Elected Members fully declare their ‘Conflict of Interest’ when discussing or voting on proposals?

Is Governance working in Hamilton City Council?

VOTE for Candidates ON 12 OCTOBER 2019 who stand for Democracy, Transparency, Accountability & Integrity


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