Auckland Water Crisis

Auckland Water Crisis

Auckland's previous water crisis of 1993-94 when the city's water storage dams, the only available source of bulk water, fell to just 32 per cent, sparking a massive conservation effort and ending the city's complacency about its supply. Yet 26 years later a bigger, thirstier Auckland is again under mandatory water use restrictions with the storage lakes around 43 per cent full - 33 per cent below normal - and rain forecasts, unconvincing.

It is claimed that Watercare CEO is paid more than the Prime Minister, yet this significant salary has not been able to fix a problem that has existed since 1993. Read More.....

"You feel like you are staring into the frightening future - you've seen all the movies about viruses and zombies running out of buildings."

Sir Bob Harvey should know as a former chair of the New Zealand Film Commission, but the screenplay he is talking about is not Covid-19, but Auckland's drought-induced water shortage.

Aucklanders face fines of up to $20,000 from Saturday, for using hoses and water outdoors, as the worst drought in its history led to the introduction of mandatory bans.

Watercare Chief Executive states "The company had not wanted to add stress to Aucklanders' lives, but also could not safely enforce any breaches that might involve staff going onto private property." How does this work with the threat of a $20,000 fine?

Hamilton's mayor says the city could help Auckland deal with the worst water shortage in decades. How does this work when Hamilton has level 3 water restrictions in summer and the surrounding areas have level 4 restrictions?


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